About Us

The Cristofori Baby Company LLC was founded to provide nourishing brain food for the youngest minds.

Until now, most videos and materials created for young children did not begin to challenge these bright little ones. The minds designing products at Cristofori think differently. At Cristofori we do not put limits on a child’s ability to learn.

Cristofori’s first product, Trebellina and Friends, is a revolutionary music teaching series for little ones that educates as well as entertains. The first in the series – the “Introducing Trebellina” DVD — teaches musical concepts, instrument names and sounds, as well as note recognition.

Vivacious Trebellina leads the note lessons. Along with Rock Bassey, she teaches your young child how to read the note in the treble clef and identify the corresponding key on the piano. Fun Rhythmo leads your child through a basic rhythm lesson, encouraging movement. Fascinating live action segments introduce percussion instruments from cabasa to cow bell so that your baby will quickly learn their sounds and see how some can be played. Other segments introduce the sound of various instruments in the context of foot-tapping music, coupled with relevant visuals. And, of course, parents will love the music as much as their children!

The Trebellina and Friends series utilizes various teaching styles to best reach all children. The engaging music and sound with oral explanation caters to auditory learners. Visual learners will especially appreciate the beautiful pictures and cleverly styled words. The upbeat dance and rhythm scenes encourage kinesthetic learners.

For the preschooler or older toddler, the Trebellina and FriendsTM series is the perfect precursor to formal piano or other instrument lessons

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