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Upon observing my granddaughter Adelaide (14 months) watching Trebellina, I could only think what a perfect gift this DVD was. She was completely enthralled with it, swaying back and forth to the music. Unlike other programs, this one kept her attention. The next thing they need is a piano, which they will be getting in the summer. Trebellina is a great program to introduce little ones to music!
Gisela Borowsky
Adelaide’s Grandma
DVD's for pre-pre-school aged children must capture the attention of their audience and manage to hold on, despite the fact that there are always distractions when a child is in his or her own home. Trebellina accomplishes this feat by utilizing vibrant colors and bright, up tempo music that grabs hold from the start and keeps delivering the goods. Children were captivated by the characters and their energy, while parents noted the excellent use of animation to teach music basics.
National Parenting Center